Energy Solutions for Business

  • Save up to 50% on energy efficiency improvements.*
  • Get a fast return on your investment—often in less than two years.
  • Enhance workplace productivity through streamlined operations.

The BGE Energy Solutions for Business program provides financial incentives and technical assistance to help commercial and industrial facilities maximize energy efficiency and reduce costs.


Whether you’re planning to retrofit inefficient equipment, start a new construction project, launch a major renovation, purchase new equipment or replace equipment at the end of its lifespan, BGE can offer your business:

  • Technical services to help you analyze specific projects
  • Financial incentives that cover up to 50% of the total cost for retrofit projects and up to 75% of the incremental cost for new construction projects*
  • Flexibility to have the work done by your in-house staff, a contractor of your choice or a participating Service Provider
  • Choice to have incentives paid to you or to your service provider


The Energy Solutions for Business program is open to all nonresidential customers in the BGE service territory (Rate Schedule G, GS, GL, P and T) regardless of your electricity and/or gas supplier. To determine your rate schedule, look under the “Electric Details” section of your BGE bill.

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How to Participate

*The amount of financial incentives vary based on the scope of the project.